Yasser Seirawan [Four Time US Champion ]

Yasser Seirawan was born in Damascus, Syria. His father was Syrian and his mother was English from Nottingham. His family emigrated to US. Yasser Seirawan started to play chess at the age of 12. And at the age of 13 he was Washington’s Champion. and at the age of 19 he won World Junior Chess Champion.


Facts about Yasser Seirawan

Here we will list some facts about his life so you can remember easily. Lets start!

  • He is married to Woman FIDE Master Yvette Nagel.
  • He became Grandmaster at the age of 20 (1980).
  • When Yasser Seirwan defeated Viktor Korchnoi, then Korchnoi invited Sirewan in Switzerland for training against Anatoly Karpov for world title match in 1981.
  • He was the Chief editor of chess magazine called Inside Chess for Twelve years.
  • (2001) Yasser Seirwan released a plan to reunite chess world, the plan was named ” Fresh Start “.
  • He won the 2011 and 2012 Dutch Open Blitz championship.
  • Yasser Seirwan is known for his commentary and live broadcast.
  • Worked in Movie ” Closing Gambit “.

Trailer of ” Closing Gambit “


Yasser Seirawan’s Books

He wrote several books which is mentioned below. His ” Winning Chess ” series become popular which is written with (co-author)   IM Jeremy Silman.

  • Play Winning Chess (Basic of winning chess)
  • Winning Chess Tactics  (About tactics and motifs)
  • Winning Chess Strategies (How to convert advantage into win)
  • Winning Chess Openings ( What you need to know about openings)
  • Winning Chess Endings  (About how to play an endgame)
  • Winning Chess Brilliancies (About best games)
  • Winning Chess Combinations (About recognizing tactics and patterns )

Other Books:

  • Five Crowns: Kasparov-Karpov World Chess Championship 1990 New York – Lyon (with Johathan Tisdall).
  • Take My Rooks (with Nikolay Minev).
  • No Regrets • Fischer–Spassky 1992 (with George Stefanovic).
  • Chess on the Edge (with Bruce Harper) – collected games of Grandmaster Duncan Suttles.
  • Chess Duels: My Games with the World Champions.


Yasser Seirawan’s Best Games

Yasser Seirawan played with many strong players in the world. here we will watch some of his best games. Lets watch!


Game Seirawan vs Mamedyarov

Game Seirawan vs Ivanchuk ( Both King remained in the center and game finished)


Short games of Yasser Seirawan


Game Seirawan vs Dzindzichashvili

Photo Gallery of Yasser Seirawan

Yasser Seirawan's Photo Yasser Seirawan's Photo Yasser Seirawan's Photo Yasser Seirawan's Photo Yasser Seirawan's Photo Yasser Seirawan's Photo Yasser Seirawan's Photo Yasser Seirawan's Photo Yasser Seirawan's Photo Yasser Seirawan's Photo

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