Winawer french defense chess games [Queen attacks]

As you know one of the most played variations in french defense is winawer variation. Today we will watch some of the chess games played in winawer variation.

winawer vairation in french defense

If you want to prepare against french defense then you must prepare again winawer variation. it gives white attacking chances.

And today you will see how the queen played a major role in this opening.

Let’s watch beautiful chess games in winawer variation.


Winawer french defense game 1:

In this game, you will see how Bobby Fischer crushed his opponent. The important thing you have to notice is how the queen is used in this variation.

Game: Fischer, Robert James vs Hoppe, R

Winawer french defense game 2:

Game: Alekhine vs Henneberger

Winawer french defense game 3:

Game: Alekhine vs Lista

Winawer french defense game 4:


Winawer french defense game 5:

Its a long game but good improving in many aspects.

Game: Unzicker vs Botvinnik



I hope you got the point of today’s post. And in your next game, you will be using your queen more aggressively. Good luck.

  • alberto
    11/02/2020 at 7:42 pm

    no esperaba meno de de tus videos siempre tan didacticos gracias

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