Upsets in Round 5 Chess Olympiad 2018

Upsets in Round 5 Chess Olympiad 2018

Chess Olympiad is biggest chess event in the world where teams around the world come so there are amazing things happens one of them is upsets in matches. We found that in Round 4 super GM got checkmated isn’t it the upset? there are many upsets also when elo 1400 beats 2000 easily? There are many cool stuff on Chess Olympiad 2018, Lets find out what happened in Round 5 of Chess Olympiad 2018.


You can download all games played in Round 5 Chess Olympiad 2018 in Pgn Format. Check it here ⇒ Games in Round 5 Chess Olympiad 2018

Upsets in Round 5

First game is about when rated 1408 beats 2118. Lets check out how game went.

1408 vs 2118 Result: 1-0

another upset in round 5 of chess Olympiad is that when a guy elo 1829 draws against 2437 in wining position lets watch game.

1829 vs 2437 Result 1/2

Another Disaster came when Super GM from China resigned against 2574. Lets watch this game.

2742 vs 2574 Result 0-1 (Flip the board to black side)



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