Upsets in Round 7, 8 in Olympiad 2018

Upsets in Round 7, 8 Chess Olympiad 2018

Because of busy life chess only is posting two round 7 and 8 together, Lets find out what happened at chess Olympiad 2018 in batumi. 

⇒Chess Games Round 7 Chess Olympiad 2018

⇒Chess Games Round 8 Chess Olympiad 2018.

First upset in round 7 happened when a guy without fide rating beaten elo 2324 lets watch that game first.

Another Disaster happens when a elo 1820 crushed 2118.

Upsets in Round 8 Chess Olympiad 2018

Lets get straight into upsets of round 8 in chess Olympiad 2018.

In first game we will see when  elo 1797 crushes 2090.

another upset in round 8 is when 1826 crushed 2161 with black pieces. flip the board to black side for better view of game.

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