Upsets in Round 4 Chess Olympiad 2018

After upsets in round 3 lets move to upsets in round 4 in chess olympiad 2018. Here are chess games available for round 4 in pgn files. ⇒ Chess Games Round 4 Olympiad 2018.

We starts from lower rated players. First game we will check when 1608 beats 2026.

1608 won vs 2026 

Next Game is when 2273 crushed GM 2523.

2273 vs 2523 Result 1-0

Super Grand Master Check Mated in Olympiad 2018

This is so surprising and upset to the Russian team when super grand master and former world champion checkmated in chess Olympiad 2018 by GM with 100 points lower. Lets watch this upset in a game.

Tomczak Jacek vs Kramnik Vladimir (Result 1-0)

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