Tarrasch in French Defense (Plans/Ideas)

Tarrasch in French Defense (Plans/Ideas)

Tarrasch in French Defense (Plans/Ideas)
In french defense against white’s move nc3 tarrash is best response, its solid, and compatible move.

Black will play c5 and its easy development for black pieces. if you played french defense you know the move C5!


What is White’s Strategy in Tarrasch’s French Defense?

White will meet c5 wit c2-c3 with solid pawn chains. If Black plays Nf6, white will advance with e4-e5 in order  to restrict Black’s play as much as possible.

if Black plays earlier c5 then white will use the advantage of lead in development to exploit black’s passive defense.

What is Black’s Strategy Tarrasch’s French Defense?

Black’s play is full of strategy. if white plays c2-c3 then his knight will be misplaced its good advantage for black.
If Black plays with an early …Ng8-f6, meeting e4-e5 with …Nf6-d7, then he should attack on the d-pawn with …c7-c5, …Nb8-c6 and …Qd8-b6.

Black Should look for play on queen side or strike in the center with f7-f6.


Strategic theme in French Defense

The French defense is full of strategy. and with tarrash variation with  3 Nd2 is not the most dynamic response to the French but its solid that will have small advantage for black.

Example Games in Tarrash (French Defense)

Flip the Board to BlackSide

White’s Game

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