Taimanov Sicilian Plans / Ideas

Taimanov Sicilian
Taimanov Sicilian

Taimanov Sicilian is a very flexible system. Black begins with moves (a6,- e6), and keeps his options open as to his king side development. and also can develop its queen side to take intuitive.

But there is a one problem when playing this variation is that black king remains in the center for long time that will scare many beginners . But when this happens it is usually because Black has takes too many liberties in the opening.

The Taimanov pawn structure (d7, e6, f7) is solid for White’s attacks.

Black also has a choice of move orders: he can play 4…a6 before …Nc6, or perhaps 4…Qc7 first, or even delay …e7-e6. It depends on what Black most wants to avoid – for instance, against 4…a6 White can reply 5 Bd3. The Taimanov move order prevents Bd3 but then Black has to contend with Nd4xc6.

What is White’s Strategy in Taimanov Sicilian?

White should plan for middle game. also white can play c2-c4 to seize the space. or prepare attack with f2 f4 .

Capturing Knight on Nxc6 is not good idea for white because capture will strength black’s center.

What is Black’s Strategy in Taimanov Sicilian ?

The main strategy for black is playing on queen side with b5 . but black can exchange pieces in the center.

Example Game played in Taimanov Sicilian

Game: Spassky vs Fischer

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