Sveshnikov Sicilian [Best Games, Theory, Strategy]

What is Sveshnikov Sicilian? In chess, Sicilian Sveshnikov is the defense played by black pieces. This defense named after Evgeny Sveshnikov.

Many strong grandmasters joined him by playing Sveshnikov, like Garry Kasparov, Kramnik, Leko.

You will learn Sveshnikov’s opening and its games, and also you will learn the ideas behind this opening.


Sveshnikov in Sicillian, Sveshnikov Opening
Sveshnikov in Sicilian


It’s a very interesting choice for a black player against e4 opening. The first question should arise that why black creates such a weakness in the opening? and what black player will get in return?

The answer is, Black gets the two bishops (if white captures the knight on f6).

The disadvantage of Sveshnikov Sicilian

Black can not fight in d file. The weakness will remain there, and if you are good at exploiting weakness then you deserve victory against Sveshnikov. But remember this at the highest level the game in Sveshnikov is totally different.

NOTE: The Sicilian Sveshnikov is for those players who like to play tactical and sharp openings.


Best Chess Players in Sveshnikov Sicilian

Here is the list of best chess players of Sveshnikov. These chess players have better scores than other players. If you want to play this defense, I strongly recommend that you must study and watch the games of these players. You will get ideas, plans, tactics, and many other things.

  • Vladimir Kramnik
  • Teimour Radjabov
  • Alexei Shirov
  • Peter Leko Result
  • Boris Gelfand Result
  • Veselin Topalov
  • Garry Kasparov
  • Alexander Grischuk
  • Vassily Ivanchuk

Other good chess players in Sveshnikov

  • Peter Horvath
  • Vasil Spasov
  • Sergei Zhigalko
  • Michal Krasenkow
  • Yuri Yakovich
  • Alexander Cherniaev
  • Sabrina Neide Vega Gutierrez
  • Miguel Angel Munoz Pantoja
  • IM Guillermo Baches (His Blog:


White’s ideas in Sveshnikov Sicilian

White’s main plan in Sveshnikov is that white should exchange his queenside bishop for Knight on f6. White should also maintain control of light squares.  White also can push a2-a4 or c20-c4.

Black’s ideas in Sveshnikov Sicilian

Black should control d file weakens with black’s queen’s Knight and Bishop.

WARNING: If black is not in a hurry then black will need to defend his position at the whole game.

The general strategy in Sveshnikov opening

White has the advantage of weakness on d5. Black must control and counter-attack. Pawns structures are fixed in the center so both players will play according to it.

Here are some games to explore more ideas or plans in Sveshnikov. These games were played at the highest level so you should study and understand these games carefully if you are planning to play this opening. Let’s watch games in Sveshnikov.

Sveshnikov Chess Game 1:

Sveshnikov Chess Game 2:

***Flip the board to black

Sveshnikov Chess Game 3:

Sveshnikov Chess Game 4:

Sveshnikov Chess Game 5:

Sveshnikov Chess Game 6:



So in order to understand Sveshnikov you must-watch games of chess players which I mentioned above. And if we talk about the advantage for black in this defense. Black gets two bishops advantage.

If you know any other information about Sveshnikov, you can share it in the comments below so other players can benefit from you. In return, you will get praise :).

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