Sicilian Dragon [Plans and Ideas with Games]

The Dragon Sicilian is one of the famous variations in Sicilian defense. After clearing d4 pawn, the fianchettoed bishop at g7 begins to fire at the centre of the board and sometimes this bishop worth more than a rook.

The critical variation against the dragon Sicilian is the Yugoslav Attack, in which Black and White castles on opposite sides. And you know that after castling opposite side, the sharp battle starts, And it becomes a race and who comes firsts, will win the game.

Please remember that you don’t have a chance to make normal moves or dealy moves in this defense, both sides must be careful. It’s a very sharp battle.


What is White’s Strategy in Dragon Sicilian?

White can play the Dragon quietly (Be2, 0-0), but the most testing variation is Be3, Qd2, 0-0-0 and a direct attack against the black king’s position.

White will advance the h-pawn to open the h-file for his major pieces and try to exchange the dark-squared bishops with Be3-h6. The knight on f6 can be removed by Nc3-d5 or g4-g5.


What is Black’s Strategy in Dragon Sicilian?

Black can break the centre with d6-d5. Actually its race that who captures the king first.

Sometimes black sacrifice rook on c3 in order to damage white’s king position. Whether you are attacking or defending with black pieces please keep in mind that the Dragon bishop on g7 is Black’s key piece.


Dragon Sicilian Games

Here are five chess games with Dragon Sicilian Defense. The dragon Sicilian is very sharp opening as mentioned above. Here you will see how top chess players in the world handle the dragon Sicilian. Let’s watch the games.


Dragon Sicilian Game 1:

Flip the board to Black

Dragon Sicilian Game 2:

Game:2 Flip the board to Black

Dragon Sicilian Game 3:

Dragon Sicilian Game 4:


Dragon Sicilian Game 5:


In conclusion, you learnt from this short article,

  • This is very sharp Defense.
  • The dragon bishop on g7 is a key piece.
  • After finishing the development black hit back with d5.
  • Black should prepare well against the Yugoslav Attack.


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