The Bb5 Sicilian defense (Anti Sicilian)

The Bb5 Sicilian

Do you play e4? if yes then this post is about Bb5 sicilian defense, You can say that its anti Sicilian move. On move 3 without giving black extra options white gives check on b5 and now its white who controls how game will begin.

There are many strong players who played this system, like Ananad, Leko, Kasparov and many other strong players as well. We will see example game if you want to make this anti Sicilian your main reply against Sicilian defense then you need to find a book on it. Lets start the Bb5 Sicilian defense.

Garry Kasparov playing Bb5 Sicilian defense

Game: 2

Another Example when black castles opposite side

 So if you understand these position and you liked the rosolimo can help you better.


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