Short Chess Games [King Hunt]

Why do we play chess? We play chess to hunt opponent’s king. You don’t need to learn lot of theories, endgames, openings, if you just know how to hunt king and if you able to deliver checkmate that’s it. In today’s post we will learn some of techniques where we see how attack begins on the king. Lets watch these examples and try to remember ideas from these rather than variations or moves.


Game Tal, Mikhail vs NN

Opening: alekhine Defense, Four Pawn attack [B03]


Game Sveshnikov vs Ivanov

Opening Two Knights [C56]


Game Lasker vs Sparrow & Dikus

Opening: Scotch Game [C45]


Game Fischer, Robert J vs Dely, Peter

Opening: Sicilian Defense, Sozin attack [B88]


Game Fischer, Robert J vs Fine, Reuben

Opening: Evans Gambit Accepted [C52]


Game Georgiev vs Larion

Opening: Sicilian Nadjrof [B98]

I hope that you learned king hunt ideas from these games and you will use in your own games.

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