Scheveningen Sicilian Plans/Ideas

Scheveningen Sicilian Plans/Ideas

Scheveningen Sicilian Plans

Scheveningen is safe variation of Sicilian. after playing e6 black has no weakness in his camp. Black controls half of the board in his area. And the plan is straight first black gets his pieces joined in center then attack!

Danger! black may be hit by keres attack with g4.

This type of small center  (d6,e6)  can arise in different openings like Taimanov and  Kan variations (if Black plays …d6) or the Najdorf (5 … a6 followed by …e7-e6).

Thats why if you want to learn Sicilian its good variation that you need to start with.

TIP: The Scheveningen is very good for those players who do not wish to play complicated opening.

What is White’s Strategy  in Scheveningen Sicilian ?

White has a choice  either to attack on the kingside or in the centre. White can stop black’s queen side attack by playing a2 a4.

White can also attack king side but its little bit slow, the best idea is to attack in the center.

What is Black’s Strategy in Scheveningen Sicilian ?

Black  pieces should  develop Be7, Qc7, 0-0, Nc6 (or Nbd7). Queen’s bishop job is to attack on e4 via b7. If White has allowed the advance …b7-b5 then Black may play …b5-b4 to drive away the defending white knight.

General Strategy 

Scheveningen theme in Sicilian Defence is like Ruy Lopez, you will need strategy . However, there is one big difference: In the Closed Ruy Lopez White’s attack is slow torture. In the Scheveningen the attack builds slowly but black will get long term advantage if survived.

Scheveningen Sicilian Games

Enough theory lets analyze game of top players in Scheveningen.

*Flip the board to black side.

Game: Karpov vs Kasparov

*Flip the board to black side.
Game: Carranza vs Alekhine

*Flip the board to black side.
Game: Unzicker vs Karpov

Games with White Pieces  against Scheveningen Sicilian

Game Topalov vs Polgar

Game Kasparov vs Kamsky

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