Scandinavian Defense Traps

Here are Scandinavian Defense Traps for a quick win. The Scandinavian defense is also called ” Center counter defense “.

Let’s talk about the opening.

It’s an underestimated opening, but those who play they know that it’s worth playing. Scandinavian defense’s pawn structure is like Caro Kann. but if black is not playing with the correct move order he will be punished in the opening.

The Scandinavian defense is very easy to understand, that’s why I recommend for players under 2000 elo.  You can learn Scandinavian defense in 1 hour and its easy but it’s hard to crack this defense. Especially the pawn structure of Scandinavian is as strong as a rock. If you want to learn this defense then here is a helpful link about it:⇒ Learn Scandinavian Defense.

These Scandinavian defense traps will help you to win more games in a short time. please remember the ideas which are mentioned in these traps.

Let’s watch Scandinavian Defense Traps.

Scandinavian Trap: 1

Scandinavian Trap: 2 (Black is better!)

Scandinavian Trap: 3

Scandinavian Trap: 4

Scandinavian Trap: 5 (king dance)

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