Scandinavian Defense Plans

Scandinavian Defense Plans

Black counter attacks on white’s center with first move (e4-d5) Now white has to capture the pawn if he wants to get advantage, but after capturing pawn black captures with Queen (Main Line). Now after 3. Nc3 white wins a tempo but the fact is White can not do anything with tempo! (Sounds good for black player while white players in shock now 🙂 ).

Black has very solid position in Scandinavian just like in caro kann, So don’t underestimate this defense be prepared against it.

What is White’s plan in Scandinavian Defense?

White has a space advantage with his d4 pawn and a tempo, So you must try to get this advantage by timely pushing d4 pawn and break black’s solid pawn chain. Also you can push f pawn to break black’s pawn structure, And remember please Black’s pawn structure is very solid.

What is Black’s plan in Scandinavian Defense?

Black has attacked center from very first move and he eliminated white’s center pawn e4, That’s the first goal from backside. Black has very solid pawn chain and its hard to crack it. Black will develop his pieces around his pawn chains.

Example Games in Scandinavian Defense

Flip the board to blackside.

White’s win against Scandinavian Defense

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