Queen’s Indian defense trap [3 Traps for winning quickly]

If you play against d4 then you should know Queen’s Indian defense trap. These 3 traps will help you to win more chess games in a short time. And my suggestion is that you must know your all chess openings traps. 

Let’s talk about this defense, The Queen’s Indian is a respected choice against d4.

In this defense black do not have a pawn center therefore black has been crushed in the opening stage many times.

And if you play correctly this defense then you can crush your opponent’s center easily.

Enough discussion, let’s watch traps of Queens Indian opening.

Queen’s indian defense trap:1

Queen’s indian defense trap:2

Queen’s Indian Trap (Black):3

Please flip the board to blackside.



I hope you learned something in these traps. And if you learned sth then you must these traps in your chess games.


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