Queens Gambit Declined Trap [3 Traps]

If you play d4 then you should know  Queens Gambit Declined Trap. Here are 3 queens gambit declined traps which will help you to win your chess games quickly.

Queen Gambit Declined was the best defense against d4 in the early days and it was considered the only defense to hold on against d4.

These queen’s gambit declined traps will give ideas and tricks to win more games in a short time.

As you know you can not complete your opening repertoire without knowing traps, therefor you must all your openings traps.

Enough discussion, let’s focus on our topic. Lets’s watch these chess traps for queen’s gambit declined.

Queens gambit declined trap:1

Flip the board black side for better view.

Queens gambit declined trap:2

Queens gambit declined trap:3

Flip the board black side for better view.



I hope you watched these traps carefully and you will use these queens gambit declined traps in your games.

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