The quick guide for Queen Side Castle

Queen side castle is very sharp and risky. If you love to play sharp chess game then this short guide on the castling queenside will be enough for you.

Let’s get to the point.

What you should look at when castling queen side?

The very first thing you should know about is that its a do or die battle started, (No more positional chess 🙂 ).

So the first thing is, you should move based on accurate calculation because one missed calculation will be enough to resign.

The 2nd thing is that you will see a quick attack on both sides, You will attack his king and your opponent will attack your king, for example, pawn storms.

The 3rd thing which you must master is removing the pawn cover of your opponent’s king. This is the skill you need to train if you want to play a sharp game. If you can master this skill you will have many quick wins.

So our next logical question will be,

How to remove pawns from the king?

The answer is after the queen side castle you must open the center and make room for your pieces so they can come out quickly. And you should not fear to sacrifice material in queen side castle. Even a piece in order to destroy the cover of the king.

But remember please, it must be accurately calculated. Here is the one game which illustrates the ideas. After watching this game, play again from the starting point so you can learn some good ideas on crushing opposite side castling.

In this game, you will see white did not afraid for the sacrificed piece on move 16th. What he achieved from sacrificing the piece?

He got two pawns and developed pieces. It’s enough compensation for winning. Let’s watch the game.

Game Howell vs Stativkin


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