Guide to Queen Sacrificed Games

How many times have you sacrificed your queen in the last 30 days? If your answer is never then these Queen Sacrificed Games will help you to sacrifice your beloved chess queen with compensation.

So Let’s start.

When will you sacrifice your queen?

You will only sacrifice your queen when your pawn structure is very sold and your king must be safe and you have a chance to create a passed pawn.

So you must remember that without these factors you will never sacrifice your queen. Again first you have to look at your pawns. Pawns must be solid and your opponent’s pawn structure must be weak. (Like isolated or doubled pawns).

The 2nd thing you must look is your king safety make sure you do not have any checks or weakness around your king.

The 3rd thing is you must look for the passed pawn. if you can create passed pawn supported by your pieces you will definitely win the game.

Queen Sacrificed Games

Enough guideline has given, let’s get to the practical chess games about queen sacrificed.

Queen Sacrificed Game 1:


Queen Sacrificed Game 2:

(Flip the board to blackside)


Queen Sacrificed Game 3:


So I hope you got the point. And if you sacrificed a queen in your games then you can comment your game in comment section. Thanks.

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  • Victor Zorrito
    21/01/2020 at 12:39 am

    Creo que en ejercicio numero 3, después del sacrificio y posterior coronación con movimiento 13 de las negras no alcanza para ganar. El blanco consigue dar perpetuo. (Perdón si me equivoque)

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