Alekhine surprised his opponent at move 20th [Queen Gambit Declined Game]

Alekhine was a great chess player of his era. Today we will look at one of his game where he used his mind to surprise his opponent.

As we all know that we must use open file whenever possible. In this game in Queen’s gambit declined at move 20th he played outstanding move Bf8!!.

Whether you have to take bishop or its just a checkmate. This kind of theme is very rare, so in your next, you must look for this kind of opportunity. This threat was not to checkmate because his opponent does have move to stop checkmate but he played this move in order to trap his queen!!!.

Enough discussion let’s move to his game and watch out for move 20th Bf8!.

Queen’s Gambit Declined Game

Game: Alekhine vs Leonhardt


At move 20th Bf8 Alekhine tried to capture his queen with next move Ra1 :).

  • Fadhoula
    19/05/2020 at 12:22 pm

    Incredible game !

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