Punishment for Pawn-grabbers

You must Punish Pawn-grabbers !

Have you heard this line: You must punish the pawn grabbers. That’s true. All the grandmasters are pretty good at this line, and if you are not a grandmaster then you should know how to punish the pawn grabbers. We will see in examples even a strong grandmaster grabbed a pawn and lost the game. So we must learn a lesson that we should not take the bait if we are behind in development and if we have development advantage and our opponent grabs a pawn, we should punish him. So lets see a punishment for pawn grabbers.

In this game below we will see black grabbed d and c pawn.

Game E.Gullaksen vs S.Williams

Black grabbed a hot pawn!

Game D.Stellwagen vs I.Rees

In this game we will see a common position where white sacrifice a pawn and black grabbed a pawn!

Game  A.Adorjan vs S.Kudrin

An example where strong grandmaster Anand was unable to defend after grabbing a pawn!

Game T.Radjabov vs V.Anand

Have you learned sth from this article? I hope you got the message that Do not grab a pawn without serious thought!
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