Learn Pirc Defense (Plans/ Ideas)

Learn Pirc Defense

In Pirc Defense black declines the control of the center in the opening and hopes that he will counter it in middle game, its complex battle whether black gets his plan in action or white punishes black for lack of the center. Pirc defense or modern defense attracted many players because both sides has chances to win.

What is White’s Strategy in Pirc Defense?

White has a freedom! with lack of black’s development white can play as he wishes.White can build a large center with f2-f4  or c2-c4 or a solid center with c2-c3. White just need to develop pieces  and attack ! or  postpone the battle for the middle game play. The key move for White is to advance e4-e5. White will have advantage after playing e5 timely.

What is Black’s Strategy in Pirc Defense?

Black’s target is to destroy white’s center, that is first goal. Black has antidote for white because he fianchetod his bishop and black should control dark square. Black has more than one plans in his play. 1st is to play c5 and play on queen side. and 2nd is to play with b7-b5 and 3rd plan is to play e5 in order to blunt white’s center.

Pirc Defense Games

Flip the Board to Black Side

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