Pirc Defense Trap [6 Traps]

If you play e4 then you must know the Pirc defense trap. Here are 6 Pirc defense traps, you must watch these traps if you want to win quickly against Pirc defense.

This defense is played against e4 where black allows white to establish a strong center and after that black tries to crush the center. The Question is whether white gets development advantage or black break through the in the center.

Let’s watch Pirc Defense traps so we should get some ideas from these games and then apply these ideas into our own game.

Pirc Defense Trap:1

Pirc Defense Trap:2

Pirc Defense Trap:3

Please flip the board to black side for better view.

Pirc Defense Trap:4

Pirc Defense Trap:5

Pirc Defense Trap:6


So I hope you learned some traps in Pirc defense, and you will apply in your games. Thanks.

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