Philidor defense Traps for Quick Win

Here you will learn traps for Philidor defense traps. These chess traps will help you to win more chess games quickly. As you know the Philidor is a solid opening if you play correctly but at the same its a passive defense.

Nowadays people don’t play Philidor defense often. But if you are an e4 player then you must prepare against it.

Enough discussion, let’s watch Philidor Defense Traps.

Philidor Defense trap:1

Philidor Defense trap:2

Philidor Defense trap:3

Philidor Defense trap:4

Philidor Defense trap:5

Philidor Defense trap:6



So I hope that learned these traps and you will apply these ideas in your chess games.

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  • RNP.Raghav
    19/04/2020 at 2:36 pm

    I am RNP.Raghav from India, New Delhi.

    Today I just get notifications Philidor Defence trap. I opened that page and saw 6 Game PGN along with chess board. I tried all of them. OMG I could not believe what amazing tactical wins just in few moves only. I really appreciate Philidor Defence Trap from bottom of my heart, as well expecting more tactical play like this.

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