Opposite color bishop [advanced study]

In the endgame everybody must study how to play opposite color bishop. This is one of the basic and advanced endgame secret. If you did not study yet then you should it will boost your confidence and can give you more victories if you know. Lets have a look at this position that white has extra two pawn but with mighty opposite bishop black holds draw.

Opposite color Bishop (Kf8 and its draw)

Here is another position with opposite color bishop now this time white has central pawns and its not much advance so white king can go either side (please remember this) White king can go either side!

Win again Opposite color Bishop (King will go either side)

Note: if king goes f7 after a check the white king will go (Kd4, Kc5 and will reach to push e6+)


Here is another position below you must remember that white has EXTRA THREE pawns but can not win!


Split Pawns play role to win with opposite color  bishop!

If you are playing with split pawns you can win if you know the pattern, here is the pattern to play with split pawns.

White can not win Split pawns

Here is another exception of opposite color bishop in this potion if  black controls dark squares with bishop and king white can not win.


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