Nimzo Indian Qc2

 Nimzo Indian Qc2

After learning (Nimzo Indian e3)  variation we will learn Nimzo Indian qc2. It is by far the favorite opening by white against Nimzo Indian because it destroys the Nimzo Indian plans by avoiding the doubled pawn.

Nimzo Indian Qc2

 What is White’s Strategy in Nimzo Indian Qc2?

With Qc2 white avoids black main strategy  of doubled pawns, and if black captures knight on c3 white will recapture with queen, so his pawn will remain solid.

White will play a2-a3 and force black to capture the knight on c3, after exchange of bishop white will have bishop pair advantage.  Then white will pin the knight on f6 and will try to play e4 , if white succeeded playing e4 without damaging pawn structure, white will have advantage. White may delay castling because white has center control.

What is Black’s Strategy in Nimzo Indian Qc2 ?

White wasted a tempo by playing Qc2 and capturing again with queen. So black has lead in development,  Black must play energetically before white’s king get out from the center. Black can proceed with 4.C5, 4.D5,or even 4. Nc6.

The most popular setup after 4.0-0 black will play b6 and bishop b7 then black will decide to hit back with c5 or d5.

 Note: against 4 Qc2 in the Nimzo-Indian Defense, Black must attack immediately, or he will have a worse postion.

Example Games in Qc2

with white’s pieces

with Black’s pieces (Flip the board to Black Side)

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