Nimzo Indian f3

In Nimzo Indian f3 white wants to take control of the center by playing f3 immediately.

White’s plan in f3 variation?

White will play (e4) after forcing black to capture his knight on (c3) early. White wants to play (e4) control the center and attack, this is the summary of f3 variation on Nimzo Indian f3 line.

What should black do against f3?

Black should play c5 or d5 to destroy white’s superb center. another strategy is that black allows white sometimes to get the center, then black will play against weakness of white’s doubled pawn.

Note: Please remember this black should not allow white to build the center and castle his king, black should attack the center immediately or black will be punished. 


Carlsen’s win with black pieces (Flip the board to blackside)

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