Morphy chess games [5 Best games]

Let’s watch 5 best Morphy chess games. Paul Morphy was an American genius at an early age. Morphy was considered the best chess player ever in his era. Here are the top 5 games of Morphy.

morphy chess games

Here are some quotes about Morphy by some famous grandmasters.


The magnificent American master had the most extraordinary brain that anybody has ever had for chess. Technique, strategy, tactics, knowledge which is inconceivable for us; all that was possessed by Morphy fifty-four years ago.

Mikhail Botvinnik:

In the handling of open positions, nothing new has been found after Morphy!

Bobby Fischer

Morphy was probably the greatest genius of them all.


Morphy chess games

If you want to learn from these games, then you should understand the ideas which Morphy applied in his games. After getting ideas from these games, you must apply those ideas in your chess games.

Morphy’s chess game:1


Morphy’s chess game:2


Morphy’s chess game:3



Morphy’s chess game:4


Morphy’s chess game:5



So I hope you enjoyed these 5 best chess games played by Paul Morphy. You must apply these ideas in your chess games otherwise just watching these games will not help you.

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  • Malc
    15/02/2019 at 11:15 am

    Fantastic collection of Morphys talents, what a genius!

    • admin
      15/02/2019 at 6:06 pm

      Thank you!

  • Abdelnour Ahmed-Zaid
    17/05/2020 at 10:22 pm

    Morphy: There’s no one like him!

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