Mating Pattern in Chess

Mating Pattern in Chess

No matter how well you prepare your openings if you don’t know mating patterns you can not checkmate your opponent that’s why you should know mating patterns in chess.

Greek Gift in Chess

The first mating pattern is Greek gift. Its called Greek gift because there was a comment of roman poet he said ” I fear Greeks even they bring gifts “. So lets start with Greek gift.

Greek Gift begins with sacrifice of bishop on h7.

Greek Gift Game 1:

Greek Gift Game 2:

Greek Gift Game (Black) 3:

Boden’s Mate

This name came from English player Samuel Boden who outplayed his opponent with beautiful queen sacrificed.

Boden mate game 1:

Boden Mate game 2:

Boden Mate Game 3:

Boden Mate Game 4:

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