Magnus Carlsen’s chess games [Attacks]

Here are Magnus Carlsen’s chess games, These games are full of attacks. You will see how Magnus Carlsen handle some of tricky positions and managed to win.

We can learn a lot from these attacking games. 

While watching these games, pause for a seconds and think your self that if you were Carlsen, how will you handle this position.

Openings played in Magnus Carlsen’s chess games

  • Four Knight
  • Dutch Defense
  • Slav Defense
  • French Defense
  • Scillian Defense
  • Philidor Defense
  • Pirc


Magnus Carlsen’s chess games

So let’s watch and learn from Carlsen’s attacking games, Best of Luck.

Four Knight Game

Dutch Defense Game

Slav Defense Game

French Defense Game

Scillian Defense Game

Philidor Defense game or Pirc defense game ?


So I hope that you watched Magnus Carlsen’s chess games carefuly and you learned something from it. As you know that Magnus Carlsen is world chess champion and watching his game will improve our chess understanding and we will also get some opening ideas from him.

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