London Opening [Ideas and Chess Games]

The London tournament in 1922 was considered one of the top chess tournament. In that tournament, most of the games played with London Opening. This tournament attracted the world’s top chess players to London Opening.

London Opening starts with (1.d4, 2Nf3, 3.Bf4) No matter what black plays whether king’s Indian or sth white will always play these 3 moves. This simple and solid opening system attracted many strong players in the world to play London Opening.

Ideas behind the London Opening

London Opening

This is the starting position of London system. The idea is very clear in this opening. White will setup the pieces like this. And in the middlegame, white will attack the black king. one of the main manoeuvre in this opening is  to transfer the Nf3 to e5 square and transfer other d2 knight on f3. This setup of pieces and pawns will create domination in the centre and it’s hard for black to break the centre. White’s centre is very solid and the plan is very clear to launch a direct attack on the black king.




Strong grandmasters who played London Opening

Here is the list of strong grandmasters who played this London opening with success and with the highest score. if you want to play London system or you are playing a London system, i suggest you to watch these player’s games so you can understand more details about the London opening.

  1. Magnus Carlsen (Scored 6.5/8 )
  2. Vladmir Kramnik (Scored 6/8 )
  3. Wesley So (Scored 3/5)

Other Notable Players in London System

  1. Elina Danielian (Scored 23/33 )
  2. Pavel Blatny (Scored 21.5/34  )
  3. Christopher Repka (Scored 21.5/36  )
  4. Gata Kamsky (Scored 20/33 )
  5. Nikola Sedlak (Scored 19/23 )

So we will look one game for each, and we will see what are plans and move orders they chosen because they are strongest chess players right now and they know better than us. So Lets start with Magnus Carlsen.



Game Carlsen, Magnus vs Ghaem Maghami


Game Kramnik, Vladimir vs Rasmussen, Allan Stig

So Wesley

Game So, Wesley vs Dominguez Perez


And now we will look into other chess players who played London system successfully.


Elina chess player

Elina Danielian (Scored 23/33 )

Game Danielian vs Zaiatz


Blatny chess player

Pavel Blatny (Scored 21.5/34  )

Game Blatny, Pavel vs Priehoda, Vitezslav

christopher chess player

Christopher Repka (Scored 21.5/36  )

Game Repka, Christophe vs Baleja, Marian

Gata kamsky

Gata Kamsky (Scored 20/33 )

Game Kamsky, Gata vs Carlsen, Magnus

Nikola chess player

Nikola Sedlak (Scored 19/23 )

Game Sedlak, Nikola vs Brkic, Ante

So i hope you learned about London Opening, Good Luck!.

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