Lev Aronian’s wife passed away [May God bless her]

The super grandmaster Lev Aronian’s wife has passed away. A big loss for him and to the world. We can not do much for those who passed away but we left with only one option, that we should pray, May God bless her soul in heaven.

Lev aronian with his wife


Her name was Arianne Caoili. An Australian chess player. She was born in December 1986. She won the Asian girls championship under 16. In 2002 she achieved her peak FIDE rating of 2309. Later she transferred her federation in order to represent Australia.

In 2009, She won London Chess Classic Women’s International tournament with a score of 8/9 with two points ahead of runner up.

Arianne Caoili officially engaged to Lev Aronian in 2005 and got married on 30 September 2017.

On 15th March 2020, she had a car accident (⇒ Car Accident reported) and today on 31st March She passed away. Here is Lev Aronian’s tweet about her death.

Lev Aronian tweet about wife

We are so sorry for her loss. May God bless her soul.

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