Larsen’s Opening Chess Games [8 Best Games]

Here you will find Larsen’s Opening Chess Games played by top chess players like Magnus Carlsen, Nakamura, Karjakin, and MVL.

If you want to play this opening, then you must watch Larsen’s opening chess games which are played by top chess players in the world.

You may argue that move 1.b3 is against the opening principles but top chess players tested this move and found good results. These Larsen’s Opening Chess Games are very good for those players who want to play this opening.

Please note that there are also alternative names for this opening like Nimzo-Larsen Attack, Queenside Fianchetto, Nimzowitch Larsen attack.

List of top chess players in Larsen’s Opening

Here is the list of top chess players in the world who played this opening with success.

  • Magnus Carlsen
  • Hikaru Nakamura
  • Sergey Karjakin
  •  MVL

Larsen’s Opening Chess Games

The first game in Larsen’s opening was played in 1973. Let’s watch the game for introduction then we will proceed further.

Larsen’s Opening Game:1


Hikaru Nakamura is playing Larsen’s Opening

Hikaru Nakamura played a lot of games in this opening. He played 89 games in Larsen’s opening and scored 66/89.

So let’s start with some of Nakamura’s games in nimzovich Larsen’s opening.

Larsen’s Opening Game:2

Game Nakamura vs Caruana

Larsen’s Opening Game:3

Game Nakamura vs Aronian

Larsen’s Opening Game:4

Game Nakamura vs Topalov

Larsen’s Opening Game:5

Game Nakamura vs Anand


So if you want to play this opening you must study Nakamura’s games because he scored 66/89.

Magnus Carlsen is playing Larsen’s Opening

Let’s look at the current world champion Magnus Carlsen. He scored 5.5/7.

Larsen’s Opening Game: 6

Game Carlsen vs Gupta


Sergy Karjaking is playing Larsen’s Opening

Let’s look at another top chess player. Karjakin’s score in Larsen’s opening is 13.5/18.

Larsen’s Opening Game: 7

Game Karjakin vs Grischuk


MVL is playing Larsen’s opening

Le’ts conclude Larsen opening with MVL’s games who also inspired to play this system.

Larsen’s Opening Game: 8

Game MVL vs Anand



In short, these Larsen’s Opening Chess Games are good for learning this opening. Here is the chart of top grandmasters who used  Nimzowitsch Larsen Opening with success.

  • Hikaru Nakamura played 89 games, scored 66/89.
  • Sergey Karjakin played 18 games, scored 13.5/18.
  • Magnus Carlsen played 7 games, scored 5.5/7.
  • Maxmie Vachier Lagrave (MVL) played 10 games, scored 5/10.
  • Shakriyar Mamedyarov played 12 games, scored 5/10.
  • Peter Svidler played 6 games, scored 4.5/6.
  • Fabiano Caruana played 3 games, scored 2.5/3.
  • Wesley So played 4 games, scored 2/4.

So I hope you got the idea by watching these games. Have a good day.

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