Kings Gambit Traps [Win Quickly]

If you play e4 then you need kings gambit traps. Because if your opponent plays e5, then you will have a good answer and the answer is kings gambit.

King’s Gambit is a very sharp opening, white sacrifices a pawn and in return, white gets quick development. And that’s what every chess player prepare opening for, for quick development advantage. If you need more detailed article on how to get advantage from your quick development then this guide will help you: How to play Attacking Chess [Short Guide]

Enough theory and discussion, let’s watch kings gambit traps for the quick win.

Kings Gambit Trap:1

Kings Gambit Trap:2


So I hope that these traps will occur in your chess games, and if you watch these traps carefully then you will win a quick game in the opening. Watch it again if you forgot sth.


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