King’s Indian Defense Plans / Ideas

   King’s Indian Defense Plans / Ideas

Kings Indian Defense, saemish variation, four pawn attack

The King’s Indian Defense is modern defense against d4, Black allow white to build the strong center then black will counter attack in the center, the game will b sharper and both sides have chances to win. And please remember that the strategy matters a lot in Kings Indian Defense.

What is White’s Strategy in King’s Indian Defense?

White’s three pawns in the center white needs to open up the position and the main plan is white should push c5 TIMLEY, If you need to play c5 with support you can push b4 and the c5. or you have to set your pieces to help breaking with C5. If white holds d4 pawn then white may think of playing d5 to open the position at right time.

What is Black’s Strategy in King’s Indian Defense?

With closed center, black has only choice to fight against the center, and black will need to push f5 and if white protects with f3 then g5 h5 and pawn march on king side with pawns to open the king side and to checkmate black’s king . If white holds the d4 pawn, then black can take d pawn with e pawn. This exchange will open black’s dark square bishop.

There 2 main setup against king indian 1: Saemisch Variation, and the 2nd is Four pawn attack.

The Saemisch Variation

The key move f3 allow white to build the strong center with d4,c4,e4, and now extra protection f3 and than white will castle long and launch direct attack on black’s king. White’s aim is very straight forward , and countering this whole game black can not sit and wait, black must counter the center, if he can’t then black must counter on queen side, a7 b5, if he can’t then with f pawn, the point is that black must counter attacks with any cost even sacrificing a pawn.

The Four Pawn attack

In Saemisch Variation white plays f3 now f4!, White wants to push black’s f6 knight and open the game with pushing e5, well, its dangerous for black if black is careless, and black should prepare against four pawn attack other wise black will be crushed in the opening. Now what should black do against  four pawn attack? Well, the same thing must counter attack in the center and black knows that these advanced pawns are weak!

Example Games:

Kings Indian Defense (Main Line 1-0)

Kings Indian Defense (Main Line 0-1)

Kings Indian Defense (Saemicsh Variation 1-0)

Kings Indian Defense (Saemicsh Variation 0-1)

Kings Indian Defense (Four Pawn Attack 1-0)

Kings Indian Defense (Four Pawn Attack 0-1)

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