Isolated Pawn

How to play isolated pawn


The question how to play isolated pawn will arise in your mind if you are above 1800 elo. So we have two questions regarding isolated pawn, 1 is what is the advantages of isolated pawn ? and 2nd question is disadvantagez of isolated pawn.


So first watch the game of kasparov vs short and kasparov having isolated pawn, how he take advantage of isolated pawn lets see in the game below.

Now after watching this game you should know that what is the advantage of isolated pawn, if you dont know still the advantage of isolated pawn i will make you clear after this game lets watch it again and try to understand the power of isolated pawn.



So when you have isolated pawn JUST PUSH IT HARD! please remember this you have to push timely.

Another advantage is YOU SHOULD ATTACK THE KING! Lets watch the game below. This position arises in caro kan.


So far you have learn the advantage of isolated pawn, here is one additional tip that you can use the isolated pawn to create outpost for your pieces lets see this action in the game below.


So this is enough for today now you will not fear of isolated pawn in your game, just push the pawn timely or make out post of it. in next post we will discuss on disadvantage of isolated pawn.

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