How to Study Chess Openings

You should know how to study chess openings. This short guide will help you a lot if you are having below 2000 Elo. In this guide you will learn about chess openings which you should play first and why you should play first?
Let’s learn some basic understanding of the chess openings first.

  1. What’s the purpose of the opening?

    The chess opening means, you should develop your chess pieces in a way that it should control the center. The central squares of the board are very important in the chess. And you should set your pawns and pieces according to your opening idea.

  2. Why center is important in chess?

    If you control the center (e4-e5,d4-d5,c4-c5,f4-f5) then your pieces will be more active and at the same time your opponent dose not have the center and his pieces will be less effective.
    Therefore you will have the dominance and you have the choice where to attack, you may attack on the king side or may attack on the queen side.

  3. What to do after controlling the center?

    If you control the center than your attack will be successful, whether you are attacking the king or queenside or attacking the center because you have centralized pieces which control more squares or territory in your opponent’s camp.

How to study chess openings

Which openings should you play?

This is a very difficult question because it depends on your current level and your playing style. If you are below 2000 then I would recommend three simple openings and defense that you should learn first.

With white pieces you should learn and prepare one of the system with d4. You may prepare London System, Colle Opening or Stonewall system. These three system has less theory and these system rely on ideas, for example attacking the king is the main theme in Colle system.

With black pieces, you should play the Scandinavian Defense against e4 because it’s easy and ideas are very clear and you don’t need tons of theory to play the scandinavian.

Against d4 I suggest Benko gambit for the same reason, because it has less theory and if you know the idea behind Benko gambit then you can play without memorization of the moves.

Helpful resources for Studying chess openings

As I mentioned above that you need three opening and master it and play until 2000elo. You may choose london system, Colle System or Stonewall system. From black side you should play Scandinavian defense against e4 and against d4 you should play Benko gambit.

Here are some links below for related opening.


These openings are very easy to learn and you can master the ideas behind these opening and you will bypass the opening stage easily. You can find helpful articles on these openings by searching our site or by searching on google. If you have any question regarding studying chess opening or you want to ask which opening will suite you then you can ask in comment section by mentioning your Elo.

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