How to play the pawn center [3 exemplary games]

You already know the rule that in the opening we must control the center or if you can build the center then you must build it. Today we will learn how to play the pawn center.

The first advantage you will get from pawn center is that your center is secured by your pieces.

After building the pawn center you have two choices.


  • You must advance your centred pawns.
  • You must attack on flanks.

We will look at some exemplary games so you can understand the pawn center.

Enough theory! let’s watch the games.


Pawn center game 1:

In this game, you have watched how white built the center and how white gained his advantages. Let’s look at another game.


Pawn center game 2:

In this game, you will see the other benefit of having pawn center. In this game white builts the center and attacks on the flank as mentioned above.



Pawn center game 3:

In this game, you will see an attack on the king (Flank attack).



So I hope you got the point. When you have the pawn center, then you must advance in the center or attack on the flank.

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