How to avoid blunders in chess [Simple Guide]

Do you know how to avoid blunders in chess? Here is one simple guide, if you want to avoid blunders in chess.

The key to avoiding blunder in chess is,  the attack on lose piece. Whenever you see lose a piece (a piece which is not protected) you must attack and win it. It’s not an easy task but reading this article will help you to perform this action.

Let’s talk about the history of this sentence. ” Loose Pieces Drop off ” John Nunn mentioned this statement in his award-winning book ” Secrets of Practical Chess.

What’s the meaning of loose pieces?

Lose pieces on chess board means, pieces that are not protected or threaten. This statement will be cleared after watching some examples below.

How to avoid blunders in chess?

(Remember please) attack the loose piece!




Example:4 Kasparov attacking lose a piece



Now I hope you know the answer to How to avoid blunders in chess. This is one simple guideline for every chess player, and you must apply this guideline to your chess games for better results.

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