How many chess openings should I know

Many beginners and intermediate chess players ask this question that ” How many chess openings should I know “. The quick answer is 1 opening system and two defenses.

How many chess openings should I know?

How many chess openings should I know?

Answer: If you want to play competitive chess then you should know as many chess openings as you can. You can not play 1 or 2 openings against all chess players, you have to change your openings as you become a stronger chess player.

Can you suggest to me the best food in the world? Of course, no one can suggest it. But what you can do is, taste many dishes and choose your favourite dish. That’s the same case about the chess openings.

You play one opening, you suffer from difficulties then you change some variations and you feel that oh I don’t like this position then you change your opening again until you find your favourite chess opening, which you will play for a long time.

You can not play one opening and one defence against all chess players because every opening has ups and downs. And every chess player prepares a different line and you have to play according to that line otherwise you will face some serious problems.

Don’t get stress, I am here to help you with your question. Let’s make life easy.

What is the best move in chess openings?

There are only two strong and best chess moves, 1.e4 and 1.d4. These are still the best moves in the chess openings, you can choose one of them.

Why these are the best chess moves? because both moves control the centre and allow minor pieces (Knight and Bishop) to develop fast.

You should create your opening repertoire either 1.e4 or 1.d4. but there are many chess openings which start with 1.e4 and 1.d4. And chances are you may choose the opening which is not the best for you. Let me help in that case for choosing the best chess opening.

What chess openings should I learn first?

Answer: You should play Colle Opening as a white player and from the black side, you should play Benko Gambit and Scandinavian Defense. Let me explain why you should play these openings first.

There are some basic rules about chess openings you should know before playing any chess openings.

What should we do in the opening phase of the game? You should control the centre with pieces or pawns and castle your king for safety. That’s all you need to do in the opening phase but it’s not that easy because your opponent also know this basic opening rule and that’s where you need an opening knowledge.

Why should you play Colle Opening system first? because in this opening you will reach a similar pawn structure and piece placement. And your plan will be almost the same regardless of your opponent’s moves.

Why should you play Scandinavian Defense? because you have to answer 1.e4 move and the Scandinavian defence is easy and straightforward, other defences are complicated and require tons of theory and memorization like the Sicilian defence. In conclusion, you will answer 1.e4 with the Scandinavian Defense.

Why should you play the Benko Gambit first? because you need to answer the 1.d4 move. There are many defences against d4 like the Slav Defense, Nimzo Indian Defense, King’s Indian Defense and many more but at the early stage of chess, you need a simple and straightforward approach to the 1.d4. And as I mentioned above, the simple and straightforward answer is the Benko gambit because you will play the same structure in almost all variations and the same piece placement.


Now you can answer the question ” How many chess openings should I know “. And the best answer is you should know 1 opening and 2 defences.

As I mentioned above you will play the Colle Opening and from Benko Gambit and the Scandinavian Defense.

If you have any questions or a critical reply, you can comment below and let me know if I solved your problem. Thanks for reading, have a good day.

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