Grunfeld Defense Traps [Win quickly]

Here are Grunfeld Defense Traps to win quickly. The First Grunfeld defense game was played in 1855. It is a very good and economical defense against 1.d4.

Its one of the sharp defense against d4, in this defense white, should be careful because black’s attack on the center is very strong.

As you know every opening has its pros and cons, and we will see in these traps.

so let’s watch the Grunfeld defense traps.


Grunfeld defense Trap:1

Flip the board to black side.

Grunfeld defense Trap:2

Flip the board to black side.

Grunfeld defense Trap:3

Flip the board to black side.



As I mentioned above, its very economical and sharp defense against d4. Black and white should be prepared in this opening. These traps will help you win more games quickly.

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