Grob Opening Trap [Also called Grob Attack]

Here you will find the Grob opening trap. This opening is not as popular as other openings, but beginners always have problems with this opening. The opening starts with 1.g4 and its also called Grob Attack.

Let’s talk about the history of the Grob opening. The Grob Opening named for IM Henri Grob. He analyzed this opening and played hundreds of games.

The main moves in this opening are when black captures g pawn with the bishop and in return, white gets counterplay with attacking b7 pawn. It’s a general idea when your queenside bishop leaves its square then you can attack the weakness there just like b7 or b2.

Enough discussion, let’s watch the Grob opening trap.

Grob Opening Trap

Here are two more chess games which are played in this opening. These two games do not include the traps but you can take the ideas from these games. These ideas will help you to gain more chess knowledge and understanding about this opening.

Let’s watch two more games.

A Game in Grob Opening

Another game in Grob Attack



So I hope that you learned something from this gambit. And if you play Grob Opening then this post will help you to learn more ideas in the Grob opening.

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