Giuoco Piano Traps [Win Quickly]

Here are Giuoco piano traps. And If you want to win your game quickly in Giuoco piano, then you must watch these Giuoco piano’s traps for a quick win.

If you are Giuoco Piano player or your opponent plays it, that means a player who plays Giuoco Piano, wants to win quickly. And believe me,  one bad move in Giuoco Piano for both sides, is enough to resign.

Giuoco piano is a very sharp opening. In this opening, white sacrifices a pawn, and in return, he gets 2,3 moves ahead in development. and these 2,3 moves ahead in development is enough to win the game.

Enough theory of Giuoco Piano. Let’s watch these traps Giuoco Piano.

Giuoco Piano Trap:1

Giuoco Piano Trap:2

Giuoco Piano Trap:3

Giuoco Piano Trap:4

Giuoco Piano Trap:5

Giuoco Piano Trap:6

Giuoco Piano Trap:7



As I said above, you get 2,3 moves ahead in Giuoco Piano, and it’s a huge advantage for white. So my suggestion is that if you play e4 then you must try this opening especially if you are playing against lower rated players.

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    22/07/2018 at 5:49 am

    Good work for chess learners and learning never ends.

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      24/07/2018 at 1:34 am

      thank you

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