From’s Gambit Traps [Win Quickly]

Here is From’s Gambit Traps for a quick win. From’s Gambit begins when white plays f4 and black replies e5, offering a pawn. This gambit is very sharp and white must prepare against it.

Let’s talk about the From’s Gambit when black replies with e5 then white has two options. One is to accept the gambit or 2nd is to play kings gambit by playing e4.

This option is good for the white players if they know how to play the king’s gambit. (See also: Kings Gambit Traps [Win Quickly] ).

From’s gambit named for the Danish chess player called Martin Severin From. If white accepts the gambit then black has two good moves, one is to play d6 and the other option is to play Nc6. Both options are very good for black.

Enough discussion, let’s watch the traps of From’s Gambit.


From’s Gambit Trap:1

Please flip the board to the black side for a better view.


From’s Gambit Trap:2

Please flip the board to the black side for a better view.



So I hope you enjoyed this post about From’s Gambit. This gambit will occur sometime in your chess games, but if you watched carefully these two examples then you will be able to execute these ideas in your chess games.


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