French Defense Traps for a quick win

Here are French Defense Traps for a quick win. These french defense traps are very good for all levels of chess players and you must know these traps in order to win quickly if your opponent makes a mistake in the opening.

Let’s talk about french defense in general, If we look at the french defense, you will notice that its a very strong defense against e4 opening. But every defense or opening has some ups and downs. And in the french defense case black is very passive. Sometimes it’s very hard to find a move for black.

Anyway, the French defense is a very strategic opening, where one or two tempi may not worth the opening. but if you fall into french defense strategy then you will be crushed move by move, those who play french defense they already know these things.

Enough theory, let’s watch these traps.

French Defense Trap Game:1

French Defense Trap Game:2

French Defense Trap Game:3

French Defense Trap Game:4

French Defense Trap Game:5



So I hope you learned something here and I suggest you that you should use these traps in your games, may be you face french defense in your next game.

Here are some helpful links about french defense which will help you to learn more about french defense.

These links will certainly help you to learn french defense in easy way. Have a good day!.

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