French Defense Advance Variation (Ideas/Plans)

French Defense Advance VarriationFrench Defense Advance Variation

Its 3rd post in French Defense, 1st were French Defense (Winawer) and 2nd was Tarrash in French Defense. Both variations and their plans and ideas were explained in easy way now lets jump into French defense Advance Variation.


What are the plans for white?

First thing that white gets space advantage by pushing e5 and stops black’s knight to place on f6. The 2nd advantage is  black’s queen side bishop will remain passive for long time.

Now white will try to cramp black as far as possible. If Black castles on queen side then white should immediately open files against black’s king.

What are the plans for black?

Now its black’s turn, Black will play on queens side by advancing c7-c5, and attack on d4 with pieces and also with queen via Qb6. And black has other choice to destroy white’s advancement on king side by playing f7-f6.

Tactics French Defense Advance variation?

There are no tactical motifs. Black players avoid tactical openings that’s why they play french defense to close the center and play with strategy.

Example Games in French Defense Advance Variation

White won against Advance variation

Black Won against Advance Variation (Flip the board to BlackSide)

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