Four Pawns Attack – Alekhine Defense

Today we will look at Four Pawns Attack in Alekhine Defense. Four pawns attack is a very aggressive approach to Alekhine Defense. Four pawns attack is not considered the best option against Alekhine defense at the highest level. We will watch some of the best games against four pawns attack with white pieces. Here is a list of strong grandmasters who used fours pawn attack in their games.

Grandmasters who played four pawns attack

1: Gawain C B Jones (Peak Rating 2702)
2: Ljubomir Ljubojevic (Peak Rating 2645)
3: Sergei Movsesian (Peak Rating 2751 )
4: Alexander Morozevich (Peak Rating  2788)
5: Leinier Dominguez Perez (Peak Rating 2689 )
6: Alexei Shirov (Peak Rating 2705)
7: Viktor Bologan (Peak Rating 2669)
8: Jan H Timman (Peak Rating 2625 )

In our database, GM Gawain played 8 games, and he scored 100% by 8/8. So we will watch 2 games played by GM Gawain in order to understand Four Pawns Attack. So let’s start.

GM Jones

Game Jones vs Baburin


Gm Jones

Game Jones vs Short


So now you have understood the idea and plans behind these games and i hope that you learned how to play against Four pawns attack. Now let’s watch 3 more games of grandmaster who used this line in their games.

GM Ljubojevic

Game Ljubojevic vs Honfi

GM Viktor Bologon

Game Bologan vs Rozentalis

So I hope you learned sth new today. and if you play four pawn attack I advise you that you must watch it again, Good luck.

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