Fianchetto Bishop Explained [Theory with Examples]

There are many openings in which you have to face fianchetto bishop. So don’t be afraid of that bishop because we will refute fianchetto bishop in this post.

The one thing you should look after your opponent fianchetto bishop is, How to destroy? because there is no doubt that the fianchetto bishop is very strong unless we refute.

For example, As you see in dragon when black fianchettos his bishop the bishop becomes very strong and in some cases bishop’s value increases than a rook. So we know the value of the fianchetto bishop and we should know how to refute it.

So let’s come to the point.

When your opponent fianchettos his bishop you should thrust your h pawn or a pawn (depending on which side fianchetto is) in order to break his fianchetto. When you do an attack on h file, you will notice that in just two moves you can hit fianchetto, for example, h4 and h5, and you already hitting the fianchetto.

You see, how easy it is for you when you know the stuff.

So let’s move the practical games.

Hitting the Fianchetto Bishop Game:1

Game: Nunn, J vs Ward, C

Opening: Yugoslav Attack


In our next game, we will see an attack on the queenside.

Fianchetto Bishop Game:2

Game Williams vs Le Roux


So i hope i cleared easily on the topic. So whenever you see fianchetto, you should attack it. And how can you attack? You know the answer. Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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