English Opening Traps [Win Quickly]

Here are English opening traps, these opening traps will help you to win more chess games in English opening.

English opening is a tricky chess opening for beginners and for club chess players because it can transpose into many chess openings.

English Opening Traps

Let’s talk about the English Opening. English opening begins with 1.c4 move. And its the fourth most famous chess move in the opening according to the chess database.

The English opening’s name has been related to the chess world champion Howard Staunton. Who played this opening in 1843 against Saint-Amant.

As I said above about the English opening, its very complex opening for club chess players, because it can transpose into many chess openings, and if you want to avoid theoretical chess opening. Then this is a good choice.

It’s a solid chess opening, and many its played by many strong chess champions like Mikhail Botvinnik, Tigran Petrosian, Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov, and current world champion Magnus Carlsen. [See Also: Magnus Carlsen’s Attacking Chess Games].

One other fact that you should know if you are one of Bobby Fischer’s fans. The fact is that Bobby Fischer always played 1.e4 in his all life but he surprised his opponent by playing 1.c4 against his Borris Spassky in World Chess Championship match.

(See Also: A tribute to Boris Spassky [Oldest Chess Champion Turns 83] ).

Enough discussion has been made, let’s watch the traps of the English opening.


English Opening Trap:1


English Opening Trap:2


English Opening Trap:3


English Opening Trap:4

Please flip the board to the black side for a better view.



So I hope learned something from these traps. These English Opening Traps will help you to win more chess games in a short time. And after reading this post you will have more information about the English Opening.

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