Dutch Defense Traps [Win Quickly]

Here are dutch defense traps for a quick win. These dutch defense traps will help you to win more games in a short time.

Do you know Dutch Defense history? The dutch was played six times in world chess championship matches between David Bronstein and Mikhail Botvinnik in 1951. [See also: Mikhail Botvinnik’s Top 5 Games ].

Dutch Defense is a very sharp opening but playing f5 earlier in the opening black gets into dutch defense traps. It is very risky to play dutch defense against a higher opponent than you.

Let’s watch traps in Dutch Defense.

2.h3 in Dutch Defense trap

2.Bg5 in Dutch Defense trap

5. e3 in Dutch Defense trap



So I hope that you learned something from these traps, and if you play dutch defense then you learned many things about your opening.

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