Draw rules in chess [Or April Fool]

Draw rules in chess, if you have upper hand in draw position then you will be rewarded a victory. Let’s find out the truth.


Draw by agreement is prohibited

I think this is the most critical chess rule because someone may says that the match was fixed. In updated rules “You can not draw by agreement”. Yes, that is very simple. now you have to play the whole game until you finish the game. It’s a bad news for those who hate endgame, and the tip is “Prepare the rook endgame” because you have to play until the end.

Stalemate is a win

Now you can not hope for the win if you are down in material because the player who has the last pawn on the board will be the winner.

The updated rule says, The stalemate is a win for those who dominates. Now your opponent can not escape in opposition of the king if you have the extra winning pawn.

Threefold Repetition is a win

Now if you can force your opponent to threefold repetition then you will be rewarded a victory. The player who makes the 3rd repetition will lose the game. So now you must watch out for threefold repetition in your chess games carefully.

50 move rule

Earlier the rule was that if you don’t capture or move a pawn in the 50 moves then the game will be considered as a draw.

Now 50 move rule has changed to 101 move. That means you have to play until 101 move and if you are not resigning than you have to beat each other until someone beg for mercy :).

After 101 move each player will get a chance to kick in the shin once per move until other player asks for mercy.

New Draw rules in chess or April fools?

New Draw rules in chess

This story broke by chess.com on 1st April 2021, now many players including me thinking as a April fool, what do you think about these Draw rules?

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